Wednesday, August 11, 2010

DS9 Update

I brought the first season to my grandfather's for the weekend. Perfect. We watched episode after freakin' episode. I'm on the 5th disc.

Jadzia Dax is looking like an easy enough but recognizable Halloween costume. I wanted to do something more involved last year but ended up a silly rabbit. Obviously, I think about Halloween a bit too much.

Also, "If wishes were horses"? It is rare for both my grandfather and I to not know an expression. "beggars would ride". Hmmm.

Friday, August 6, 2010

DS9...A Voyage Begun...

Last year a Trekkie friend of mine got me into Star Trek. I started with the beginning of the beginning, The Original Series. I watched an entire season in one day at one point. I thoroughly enjoyed TOS. Of course, my journey into Trekkidom was official as I then began The Next Generation. My friend and I often fell asleep to TNG only to finish the next night. It was great actually getting into the series with a true Trekkie. Eventually though, I was alone in my voyage to complete the final season of TNG. Much time passed as life flew by. But many months later I finally finished Season 7, only to wait a bit longer before getting my grubby hands on DS9. My Trekkie friend was so kind to let me swap out DVD sets for Season 1 DS9.

Last night I began the first episode. As true to tradition, I fell asleep before the end of the episode (give me a break, it was a long one). Don't get me wrong, it doesn't bore me to sleep. I enjoy watching Star Trek at the end of the day curled up in bed, as it is soothing and entertaining. I watched a bit more this morning as I got ready for the day and am now about to hopefully complete the episode. Thank goodness for the convenience and pause-ability of DVDs. I do not have a television, but who would want to watch all those commercials?

Here, I hope to check in from time to time to log my progress with DS9. With only 17 minutes left in the episode, I have to say I'm impressed. The fun conversation to explain linear time and the introduction of Quark (Quark's bar t-shirt a staple in my friend's wardrobe) are stellar ways to get things rolling.

Now I'm off to grab a slice of pie (I made yesterday) and finish "Emissary".

Monday, August 2, 2010

Busy...Not Busy

*Borrowed from

I am rather busy lately, but not the kind of busy I normally am. It seems good for my health but then there is too much time to worry and think about things I'd rather not.

I feel like I imagine the little girl above must feel. Confuddled, concerned, and possibly anxiously lackadaisical.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Just gotta try.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Here's to hoping...

Wouldn't it be lovely if your "bad taste" really just meant you were ahead of the evolutionary curve? Goodness gracious, I hope so.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Best Store Ever.

I just have to rant a little bit about how amazing Foto Care is.

In NYC there are several camera super stores we are all a little guilty of patronizing. Those stores are shit storms of confused customers and unnecessary purchases. For those looking for a real store, go to Fotocare.

I got a personal recommendation to go there to buy my first light meter. I am glad I went. It was the easiest purchase I ever made. Okay, so big deal, just a light meter. I went back to purchase my camera, accessories, and a lens. Boy am I glad I went there. Such a huge purchase should be a headache, but not at Foto Care.

Well, a nightmare befell me recently, the disaster of a bum card reader eating up my very expensive CF cards. Phooey. I figured it was the camera. I went to Foto Care not expecting them to be able to help. (Sandisk and Canon would have required a couple weeks of mail, processing, and repair.) Instead, I walked in and they solved everything. The gentleman calmly dealt with the problem. He assured me that no matter the problem, I would walk out of the store within 30 minutes with a working rig. And I did. He was willing to give me a loaner camera if he couldn't find an easier fix, but he did it all and for free!

So, I must insist on Foto Care! But, don't go in with a bad attitude. The guys there deserve respectful customers. I hate it when people come up to your counter and expect you to do favors for them. You get what you give. This store (although it may not have the same MEGA discounts) is always worth the trip. If I'm going to drop a lot of money I want to do it at a good store.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Breaking the Rules...

You can't tell from these pictures, but we broke way too many rules imposed by the old fogies. Dancing barefoot in the grass was just one part of a lovely day.